Ebony Tears

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Ebony Tears
Also known asET
OriginStockholm, Sweden
GenresMelodic death metal
Thrash metal
Years active1996−2001
LabelsBlack Sun
MembersJohnny Wranning
Conny Jonsson
Thomas Thun
Peter Kahm
Richard Evensand
Peter Tuthill
Iman Zolgharnian

Ebony Tears were a Swedish death metal band that started out playing melodic death metal which was prevalent in the Swedish death metal scene at the time, bearing a strong resemblance to the latter-day sound of At the Gates.[1]

With their final album, however, the band had begun to play a more modern thrash style of metal, very much akin to the bands which formed in the wake of the demise of At the Gates, namely The Haunted.

Ebony Tears has since disbanded subsequent to the release of their final album, Evil as Hell in 2001. The album was also released on the Century Media Records label. All members went on to join Dog Faced Gods.


  • Tortura Insomniae (1997)
  • Handful of Nothing (1999)
  • Evil as Hell (2001)



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