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Movie Summary[edit]

This movie's characters are the toys of a boy named Andy,and takes place for their point of view. The movie starts where Woody, the toy's leader who is making an announcement to the toys about moving day, and ends up finding out about Andy's birthday party being on the same day. Everybody, even the toys, know that birthday partys mean gifts for the birthday boy, and everyone goes into panic, thinking that the new toys that might come in the decorated pakages will replace them. Woody, whom "has been Andy's favorite since kindergarden," is not in panic, but sends an army of those little green plastic solders to use a baby monitor to tell what each gift turns out to be. Most are board games, and after the second-to-last package is announsed, Woody turns the monitor off, and are left unawear of the Buzz Lightyear space-toy on it's way up to Andy's room.

Buzz Lightyear has the idea that he's the real deal, his cardboard space-ship shaped box is his crashed space-ship, and that his special features actually work. He soon wins over the rest of Andy's toys, as well as Andy himself. When Andy's mom tells him he must choose one toy to take to the local pizza place/arcade, "Pizza Planet" Andy automaticlly chooses Buzz, so Woody desides to bump him behind the dresser. However, Woody shoves a little to far and sends Buzz "flying" out the window, and tries to rescue him.

The two, after some almost unbelieveable escapades, wind up in "Pizza Planet," but Buzz mistakes a grabby-hand for a spaceship, and drags he and Woody inside. Unfortunatlly, Sid, the neighborhood bully famous for torturing toys, winds up at the controls, and Buzz and Woody wind up being caught. The only good news about this is that Sid lives next door to Andy, so the other toys could help him get home before moving day - if they didn't have the impression that Woody murdered their beloved Buzz!

Main Characters that Appear in All Three Movies[edit]

  • Andy: Andy is a small boy (6 years old in the first movie and around 8 or 9 in the second) whom never tires of his toys. He is so dedicated to them, no computers and little sports equiptment (with the exeption of a basketball) can be seen in his room, but he does have video games, which he rarly uses (Rex enjoys them more, anyways.). He has never willingly gave away one of his toys and will probably hand them down to his son and/or daughter whe he's older. He can really make a toy feel good, if only he knew they were alive!
  • Woody: Andy's favorite toy since kindergarden is a tradisional cowboy doll with a pull-string on his back. His head, hands, and shoes are plastic, but the rest of him is stuffed with cotton. He's the leader of the toys that live in Andy's room, and he's perfectlly happy with that. He's also a rare collectable from the old show, "Woody's Roundup."
  • Buzz Lightyear: Buzz entered Andy's room as a birthday present, thinking he's the actual Buzz Lightyear from TV. He's more down to earth now, and shares the position of Andy's favorite with Woody. The two are best friends. He has special features such as a "laser beam" (it's actally a red light-bulb), pop out wings (they don't really work), three buttons that say different Buzz quotes when you press them, and a mission log (really a sticker on in his arm hatch). He is an entirely plastic toy, with the execption on the batteries used to power his "lazer" and quote buttons.
  • Little Bo Peep: A sheepherdess (female sheepherder, pronounced SHEP-erd-ESS) whom has a crush on Woody. She is entirly made of plastic, and so are her sheep, a herd of three joined at the sides.
  • Mr. Patato Head: Mr. Patato Head is a Mr. Patato Head toy. He is the most likely to doubt Woody's athority. He is entirly made of plastic.
  • Slinky Dog: Slinky is Woody's best friend and the most loyal to him, too. He loves to play Woody in checkers. He's manly made of plastic, but the slinky that connects his head/front legs side to his rear legs/tail side is made of wire.
  • Hamm: The piggy bank on the windowsill tells what's going on outside Andy's room. He's such a know-it-all. he's entirlly made of plastic exept for his cork stopper that holds Andy's money inside of Hamm. His cork is made of cork (material).
  • Rex: Rex the plastic T-rex is super-scared that one of these days he'll be replaced because he's not scary enough. He loves to play Buzz Lightyear video games, but thinks he's not very good at them. He's the biggest worrywart, especally when it comes to birthday partys and moving into a new house.

Main Characters that Started Appearing in Toy Story 2[edit]

  • Jessie: Like Bo Peep, Jessie "the yodelin' cowgirl" also is in love with Woody. Like Woody, she has she's in the "Woody's Roundup" collection, has a drawstring on her back, and has a plastic head, shoes, and hands and a stuffed body. She is extremely adventurous.
  • Bullseye: (pronounsed bull's eye) A stuffed horse from "Woody's Roundup," he can run superfast, even fast enough to cach up with a speeding car. He's Andy's only animal toy who can't speak English, despite the fact that he's smarter than the average horse. The only bit of plastic he has is on his hoofs.
  • Buster: Buster is Andy's pet dachshund. Woody has him entirlly trained, yet Andy can barely get him to "sit." Important Note about Buster: Buster is not a toy. He is an actual dog.
  • Mrs. Potato Head: Mr. Potato Head's wife. She likes to be prepared for everything, and often bugs Mr. Potato Head about the most rediculous things. (Plastic toy)
  • Wheezy: A squeaky-toy penguin. His squeaker used to be broken, but Andy's mom fixed it.

Minor Characters that Appeared in All Three Movies[edit]

  • Etch-a-Sketch: Likes to play "Shoot-off" with Woody
  • Squeaky Shark: Likes to make fun of Woody

Minor Characters that Appeared in Toy Story[edit]

Minor Characters that Appeared in Toy Story 2[edit]

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